3 Pairings that Compliment the Stinky Cheese

What is Limburger Cheese?

Limburger cheese, AKA “stinky cheese,” is well known for its overpowering aroma. The cheese was first created in the 1800’s in provincial Belgium, and later migrating to Germany. Although this stinky cheese didn’t originate in Germany, it is most commonly associated with German culture. Amish Country offers Limburger cheese and Limburger cheese spread, helping to add a little German culture to palate’s everywhere!

What Makes it so Stinky?

Most people that are unfamiliar with Limburger cheese are immediately turned off by its very strong smell. What many people fail to realize is that majority of the smell actually comes from the rind – that little hard bit lining the outside edge of most cheeses that are cut from their larger counterparts. Many assume that because it has such a strong scent, its taste is also very strong. Truth be told, Limburger cheese or Limburger cheese spread is very mild in flavor!

Limburger Cheese – Paired 3 Ways

  1. Limburger cheese is served best in its traditional form – on a sandwich, between two slices of rye bread! This very-German flavor combination is a definite classic for all taste buds.
  2. This stinky cheese is perfect for snacking! Whether spread on crackers or placed among other cheeses on a board – the flavor compliments well with many unsuspected foods. One in particular: with crackers and jam. That’s right – jam! Similar to brie, the mild flavor of Limburger cheese goes deliciously with the sweetness of different jams.
  3. Much like jam, the mildness of Limburger cheese also pairs well with Zinfandel wine – the softness of the cheese and the boldness of the wine are a match-made in palate paradise!

However you slice it – Limburger cheese can be suitable for anyone’s personal tastes: one only has to find the right pairing!


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